I agree that it’s a “totally unnecesary box”. Personally, I don’t understand why we feel we have to put things into a box just so we can handle them.

However, just so you know, “queer” here isn’t a homophobic slur. It’s the same word, but a different definition — a reclaimed word — that’s used by academics and activists and the like. As I said, it’s got completely different meaning now that’s positive.

Here’s what Wikipedia says the word means:





I am a trans person and a homo. I’ve been getting called this HOMOPHOBIC SLUR for over half my life. I. do. not. give. asingle. fuck. what some wikipedia editor or some academic or some Tumblrteenager thinks it means. In the context of uninsulated queer lives, it is a HOMOPHOBIC SLUR. It could never be “reclaimed” if it wasn’t used as an instrument of violence in the first place.

If your associations with the word “queer” are all about FUN and INCLUSION and lots of flaky bullshit instead of, IDK, getting bashed, abused, kicked out of your home, bullied into dropping out of school, etc., maybe you need to consider how that has more to do with your standpoint than with other people being unhip to the “reclaimed” and “true” definition decided upon by Edith Sedgwick or J. Halberstam or whoever the fuck. 

Oh what the fuck I already wrote about this.

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